Phoenix Enviro 4

The Phoenix Enviro 4 is specially designed and manufactured to suit sectional and panel lift doors.

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  • 1 x Opener Drive Unit
  • 3x Four button transmitter



  • Rated door area 25m2
  • Maximum door height 3.5m



Auto-adjustment of Driving Power

The automatic adjustment of the driving power means the Enviro 4 adapts to the change in your doors operation that occurs with age.

Simple and Handy installation

Every Enviro 4 comes with an easy to follow installation guide.

Quiet Motor

The Enviro 4 has a powerful motor that is quiet and built to last.

Electronic Soft-Stop

The electronic soft-stop ensures a smooth and quiet door operation every time.

Reliable and Simple Operation

With just a touch of a button you can watch the Enviro 4 smooth, simple and reliable operation.




Automatic Safety Reverse

With 9 different reverse safety settings, your garage door will stop and reverse if obstructed going down or up.

Manual Release

In case of an emergency you can simply activate the manual release to open your garage door.



As Phoenix specializes in the design and manufacture of garage door openers, the Enviro 4 is backed by a 5 year/10,000 cycle warranty.

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